Monday, July 4, 2011

Couldn't Sleep So I Wrote a Little Horror

Blood flowed swiftly at first, but slowed now.  He just stared at her thigh watching it slide down inside her leg.  Swiping at his mouth with his hand, he wiped drool that was beginning to drip.  Her body lay bare beneath him as his eyes explored her up and down.

The hair, long and red like a sunset.  Her eyebrows thin and light.  Though death was close, her pale green eyes still stared up trying to make sense of what just happened as tears attempted to show their form.  Her nose, tiny and pierced on the left side.  Her lips pale pink without lip stick or gloss to cover them.  Teeth shown from the slightest part her lips would offer as she tried to speak.

But vocalization was not an option she had anymore.

His eyes continued on their adventure.  The shoulders of his new reward were very feminine and the tops of her angel wing tattoos could be seen cresting from her back onto her collar bones.  Her breasts, small round natural and probably the most beautiful he ever seen, sheltered tiny nipples that stood firm despite her condition.

The belly of the nameless victim he was sent to finish moved slowly with her breaths.  Fine hairs stood on goose-bumps around her navel.

Waist and hips were shapely and well rounded.  Her womanhood trimmed nice allowing just a hint of the details between it's folds.  He adored her legs the most, muscular and thick from her years in college sports like volleyball and softball.

Kneeling beside her, he spread her legs to begin his feast.  Choosing the femural artery as his favorite tap for dispensing his meal, he spread the cut already made by the blade of his knife deftly with his cold touch.

Her breath gasped heavily only a few more times before her last one escaped.  The beast now full left her corpse without a second thought.

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