Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Dream I Had

I had a dream last night that was rather creepy.  I found myself pursued by someone I know even though I could not lay eyes on them.  It was more as if this individual were a wraith or some other etheral form which kept her hidden from my sight.  Maybe there is another reason which will become clear as I relate my recollection to you.
Though I wasn’t necessarily trying to flee, I was trying to get myself to a position where I wasn’t feeling cornered.  But the more I manuvered and traversed, the more I become trapped by the field behind me and the trees to my front.  I stopped to find a better path, and that became my mistake.  I was hit and hit hard by some unseen force which was immediately in front of me.  Though still I never did see it.
When vision finally returned the hues of my surroundings, I was buried in the soil up to my chest at the base of a tree.  My head was bound with barbed wire, wrapped in a manner which left only my eyes and nose exposed to the now morning air full of mist and the scent of blood.  My blood, which was flowing from cuts and tears all over my face.
Beside me, she stood, and now I could clearly see her.  She laughed softly and walked, almost floating, to kneel in front of me.  “This is how you should be”, she spoke.  “For I see no beauty in you, therefore, you shall see no beauty in the world.”  And with that statement, crows flew down and began pecking my eyes as she walked off into the darkness beyond.

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