Friday, June 17, 2011

A Journal Entry:

Ever since I can remember I've had this ringing in my ears.  Doctors call it "tinitus".  I call it annoying.  Lately it's getting worse.  During the day I still hardly notice it with all the noise of life going on around me.
  However, when I lay down, it gradually builds in volume until nothing but a steady, high pitched, and constant "weeeeeeee" drones through my head.  The more relaxed I get, the louder it gets.  It's as if I am not supposed to sleep.  That I should keep myself awake forever, deprived of the rejuvination of rest.
  Now we get to the part where people will think I am whacked out, but sometimes, things just need to be said and laid out in the open.
  I swear tonight as I was laying in bed, there was a voice trying to be heard over the static in my ear drums.  Maybe it wasn't a voice, who knows, but it was something.  And it was speaking.
  I couldn't make out all of the words, but I could detect changes in pitch and inflection that are apparent in spoken language.  One part I think I picked up, it was asking me "Who is your God?"
  How in the hell was I supposed to answer that?  Needless to say, I got up immediately and grabbed my Dew and smokes.  Turning on anything to make noise and shut out the humm in my head.
  But tonight, the humming isn't dying under the sounds of the T.V. or heavy metal through my stereo.  I think tonight, it finally broke through to my world, OUR world...and I am his newest choice for his collection.
  I can see the light dancing from the metal surface of his blade, hooked and long like a witches nose.  His ragged garbs not quite concealing the rotted flesh beneath.  The smell of brimstone filling my nostrils as he draws nearer.
  But I am not in a sense of panic.  Not yet.  I can tell he's getting closer, but he's still a little ways off.  So I do have some time, enough time to write this passage anyhow.  How many of you think I'm nuts at this point?  Hallucinating?  Well, I'm not.  I am as sane as ever, and when the time comes, you'll know death when he is at your door as well my friend.  You'll know him all to personal as I do now.

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