Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oppressed Dream

Slightened touch gracing my flesh,
Angelic beauty is this what I see?
Eyes shut our souls seem to mesh,
Sudden fear begins to swallow me.
A hallucination was this vision yet so grand,
Nothing but a mockery set before my eyes.
No angel have I now as a disfigured hand,
Presses to my lips to silence my cries.
Tears begin their quiet flow,
Muffled sounds passing from my cupped lips.
Seeming erotic pleasure does my demon show,
Its tongue tracing my cheek for tears to sip.
Praying I beg of this to be a dream,
I try to force myself to wake.
A voice coming as a scream,
Then he taunts, "Youre mine to take."
Brilliant flashes of light and fire,
Surrounding us with placid walls.
Now I am trapped forever in this mire,
No one ever to hear my calls.

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