Friday, June 17, 2011


Created by the razor,
Ended by the bleeding.
Cheated by life's reality,
My flesh the maggots feeding.
Without compassion or concern,
Tonight I will end it all.
No one will care,
As my body goes limp and begins to fall.
Lofting my spirit into purgatory,
It is here I shall become lost.
For all the damned are doomed to dwell,
In this place to which we crossed.
Damned is my spirit as is my life,
Destruction of my flesh the easy way out.
Taunted is my mind my soul,
No one will hear my final shout.
Ended am I by my own means,
This thing about which I always lied.
Now to wander but as a poltergeist,
Executed by suicide.

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