Thursday, June 23, 2011


Sitting upon this hallowed earth,
Words suddenly ramble into my mind.
Confused now seemingly am I,
Control of my thoughts I can not find.
A voice coming into focus,
Slow at first almost incomprehensible.
Then gaining clarity and in power,
It identifies itself as the indamnable.
Taunting teasing and mocking,
He tells me what needs be done.
Acts of purification for the damned,
Calling unto me the chosen one.
Carry out my deeds I command,
Follow my voice as your guide.
Gather me a flock of souls,
Then no longer need I to hide.
My fingers flex in a tightened grip,
Nails digging deeper into my palm.
I fight this demon I now dread,
With my brethren I desire no qualm.
Convulsions ravage through my body,
While I try to expel this beast.
I have no longing to be the provider,
For this unholys unquenchable feast.
Light beginning now to fill my view,
I know not how much time has past.
Shadows and tombstones my last sight,
As I lose this struggle that will be my last.

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