Friday, June 17, 2011

Welcome to My Literary Archive

This blog is created so I have a place to record the things I write.  Some things aren't perfect, some of the things are incomplete.  Everything to me has a purpose.  My goal is to find the purpose behind the words my mind facilitates and my fingers generate.  Here, I will share and post a menagre of creations I have penned (or in this case digitized) in the eventuallity that I may find what it is my mind is trying to say.

Feel free to read what I have, critique if you want.  I understand that not everyone agrees with everything someone else says, but I like to think that everyone interprets those materials which are derived in a creative manner in their own style.  I would like to know how some people feel or understand what they see posted in here.

Together, we may learn something from each other.

Thank you,

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