Friday, June 17, 2011

Pagan Ritual

Wrath of fate,
Life no more.
Lay upon a slate,
The morbid do adore.
Ritual sacrifice has begun,
Words of magic chanted by hooded heads.
The pagans lyrics are sung,
As the corpse now is ceremonially bled.
Smoke bellows from beneath the corpse,
Eyes all turn expressions amazed.
To raise the damned is their hopes,
The incantation failed they are unfazed.
A euphoric high now coursing through their veins,
Erotic pleasures now capture their desires.
They shed their cloths exposing flesh without shame,
Lust now the source of the magical fires.
Chants and hymns replaced by grunts and moans,
Bodies lie about grinding, groping, in lecherous eros.
Feeling as if their God will be atoned,
With actions of lust as the incantation for the show.
All members now orgasmically pleased,
The course of sex ended in a flood.
Deep believers return to the deceased,
To feast upon the now dried blood.

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