Friday, June 17, 2011

Who is Your God?

Opening my eyes in an attempt to wake,
My last visions of haunted dreams.
For my soul was his to take,
My mouth open uttering not a scream.
Faceted colors vivid of blood,
Making their course before my eyes.
Hallucinations come to me in a flood,
Truth trapped behind my creation of lies.
What is this thats become of me?
Forsaken of my soul not to be free.
Who is this demon that haunts my life?
Taunted and tormented my dreams of strife.
Unwanted thoughts crafted by voices beyond,
From these walls which I find myself now.
Telling me to end my life to move on,
The way I know not how.
Wings surround my body,
But not those of an angel.
The skin tattered and shoddy,
Its this being from Hell.
"Who is your God", it asks taunting,
I try to reply now in vain.
But not a word can I say to my haunting,
As it raptures my soul into eternal pain.

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