Friday, June 17, 2011

Who do Angels Love?

These beings seen mostly as symbols,
Images and idols we adore.
Creatures we seek when were alone,
Providers of comfort, salvation and more.
Prayers offered as ritual sacrifice,
Hopes and dreams at times hang on faith.
Most seem to go unanswered or ignored,
And begin our doubts of who keep us safe.
The church itself adds to the demise,
Being hypocritical of its practice and their values.
Seeming to use the dreams of the people,
As a lever to implore us with words they use.
So it begs us to ask ourselves,
Who is it the angels have abandoned?
Is the truth really revealed to those who lack,
True trust of God by not making him demanded?
Let those of divine faith,
Put their trust in rosaries and saints.
Let us of common life,
Touch an angel and live a life so quaint.
Make those believe in something pure,
True and good not all martyrs.
But held by the hand lifted high,
On those wings of our true saviors.

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